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and a video prompt from Kid President

Surely you have heard of Kid President by now. If not, watch the video below and the visit his website. He’s just terrific. And you’ll want more and more and more! My students feel that way about him and can’t wait to see his latest video. We really enjoyed the one that was published last week…

We loved it so much, in fact, that the kids asked if they could respond to him with some advice. I used DE’s Writing Prompt Builder and created the following:

Kid President offered up some advice about how to be a person ~ an AWESOME person ~ in his video called Kid President’s Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here. What advice would you offer to a new person?
  1. Write your thoughts in a paragraph or two.
  2. Choose a favorite sentence that we can tweet to Kid President using #thekidsneedtoknow

Their responses were pretty great. Here’s a taste of what they had to say:

  • NEVER go outside with out clothes or without your mom. Don’t forget to change your diaper or you will be stinky.
  • Don’t sneak out the doggy door.
  • The world might be hard. But do not let that get in your way. You can do MORE than you think.
  • Dear Baby, Welcome to the world! I hope you like it here, cause you are going to have fun. Don’t worry, I was an infant like you. Love, SL  P.S. Be good and learn.
  • I have some ways to help you become a good person. Don’t ever steal from people. Don’t hurt people. Be very nice. Work hard to get was you want. Help out some times. Make people smile. Be a good friend.


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