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focus on the 4 Cs ~ collaboration

The strategic plan for Wake County Public School System, the school district I work for, includes an emphasis on the 4 Cs ~ collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity. At my school site, we recently held some differentiated training for teachers focused on collaboration. I was tasked with instructing the teachers that considered themselves proficient… Continue reading focus on the 4 Cs ~ collaboration

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How do you monitor student progress and continue to teach?

I’m presenting tomorrow at the NC State State College of Education Beginning Teacher Institute, sharing ideas about how to manage students while you work with individuals. Rather than use a standard PowerPoint, I thought I’d share the information via a Smore. Below, you’ll see a screenshot of my flyer. You can see the whole flyer… Continue reading How do you monitor student progress and continue to teach?

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STEAM Makers Fair for Teachers

Last night I attended a teacher event at the North Carolina Museum of Art. This is the second such event I have attended at the museum and they never disappoint! This one was focused on the connection of visual arts with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and offered hands-on stations where teachers could explore… Continue reading STEAM Makers Fair for Teachers

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effective use of iPads with students with Autism

Discovery Education puts on these fantastic events called VirtCons. They offer educators an opportunity to hear from some of the DEN’s best on a wide range of topics, all from the comfort of your couch. I participated in today’s VirtCon in my pajamas. Awesome. All sessions are available in video form afterwards so you don’t… Continue reading effective use of iPads with students with Autism

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“helping smart teachers teach smart”

One of the blogs I find myself visiting over and over again is TeachThought. It’s terrific! The blog set up is simple ~ easy to navigate and search for topics you are interested in. They offer great suggestions for technology tools and the kind of innovative thinking that helps teachers to step outside the box… Continue reading “helping smart teachers teach smart”

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Scaling STEM: Strategies That Engage Minds

Today I attended the Scaling STEM conference in Durham, primarily to present with one of my colleagues about our school in the Innovative Schools & Districts sessions. What I wasn’t expecting was that it would be an inspiring and exciting look at the future of education. The day was kicked off with an NSCU student… Continue reading Scaling STEM: Strategies That Engage Minds